Clean up resources

You clean up resources in the following order:

Schedule to delete the CMKs we have created

  1. Go to AWS KMS Console
  • Click Customer managed keys
  • Select FirstCMK
  • Select ImportedCMK
  • Click Key actions
  • Click Schedule key deletion Clean up reources
  1. In the Schedule key deletion page
  • In the Waiting period section, type 7
  • Click Confirm that you want to schedule these keys for deletion after a 7 day waiting period.
  • Click Schedule deletion Clean up reources

Terminate EC2 Instance

  1. Go to Amazon EC2 console.
  • On the left navigation bar, click Intances.
  • Select KMSWorkshop-Instance. Clean up reources
  1. Click Terminate Clean up reources

Delete S3 bucket

  1. Go to AWS S3 Console.
  • Click Buckets
  • Select S3 bucket was created to save file template.txt When we create the CloudFormation stack.
  • Click Empty. Clean up reources
  1. Type permanently delete to confirm, then click Empty to delete the data in this S3 bucket. Clean up reources
  • Click Exit.
  1. Click Delete. Clean up reources
  2. Type the name of this bucket then click Delete bucket to delete this S3 bucket. Clean up reources
  3. Do the same for S3 bucket kmsworkshop

Delete Role

  1. Go to AWS IAM Console.
  • Click Roles.
  • Select KMSWorkshop-InstanceInitRole.
  • Click Delete Clean up reources
  1. Type KMSWorkshop-InstanceInitRole to confirm, thne click Delete Clean up reources

Delete CloudFormation Stack

  1. Go to AWS CloudFormation Console.
  • Select KMSWorkshop-Stack.
  • Click Delete Clean up reources
  1. Click Delete stack Clean up reources